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Vision Intellect Enterprises started his humble journey in 2004. We are a leading supplier of broiler drinking and feeding systems, breeder drinking and feeding systems, layer drinking and feeding systems, ventilation system, sheds, feed additives, and disinfectant for broiler or baby chicken.

Our offering are.

1. Broiler Drinking and Feeding System - Our system provides a smooth and adequate supply of feed and water to every broiler. We are the trend setter and always bring an innovative and reliable solution for the poultry industry. We offer a complete package of equipments and solutions for timely and solid growth of chicks.

2. Breeder Drinking and Feeding System Every single grower is important for us that why we designed feeding and drinking system in a perfect way. Our breeder drinking and feeding systems are made of reliable materials and ensure the availability of feed and water for the baby chicks. To ensure the highest yields our equipment and system is the ultimate choice. Our superb equipment controls waste and offers excellent results by providing the maximum output.

3. Layer Drinking and Feeding System – Our automatic types layer drinking and feeding system is designed in a scientific way. The reasonable structure, durable and very easy to operate make it an ultimate choice of the customer. To complete the drinking and feeding operations you just need to press the button. Our layer drinking and feeding system is the ideal equipment of green ecological farming. This system is made of hot galvanized steel that offers a great resistance against corrosion and you can use it for about 15-20 years easily. Save energy and labour costs through layer drinking and feeding system.

4. Ventilation System- The most common challenge that the broiler growers face in both conventional and closed environment poultry form. You know broiler grow in the specific climate. Our ventilation system is designed to automatically manage the recommended temperature, air circulation and removes excess moistures from litter from the place.

5. Reliable and Multi Designed Sheds The sheds safe the chicks from the adverse weather conditions and provide a shelter to the broilers. Our control sheds come in multiple sizes and designed. The sheds with a capacity of 30K- 40K birds to 5k–10k easily available at the affordable prices.

6. Feed Additives- Our feed additives provide a consistent supply of energy and improve the efficiency of the bird’s growth. The feed additives accelerate your production process and never leave any bad impact on the environment. Our feed additives come in different sizes and packaging materials.

7. Disinfectant - To clean the living place of broiler, we offer a wide range of disinfectant products. Our antiseptic product is approved and registered with the environmental protection agency (EPA). These non toxic chemicals destroy molds, viruses and bacterias living on the broiler and save them from the different disease. Get the neat and hygienic place for broilers and promote their heath trough our products. Vision Intellect Enterprises built a world-wide network of distributors and suppliers in Pakistan, UAE and China. We have different equipments of watering, feeding, layers, ventilation and sheds for broilers. Our equipment is custom designed that entirely suit the needs and demand of every customer. We encourage the farmers to equip their poultry sheds with our equipment for excellent production and growth. Enhance your production by using our product and services

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