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Feed Line Motor

Power: 0.75 KW (1.1hp)
RPM: 1480
Shaft Size: 45mm 

Vision intellect offers truly affordable feed line motor prices

Vision intellect is the ideal choice for supply & installation of different types of poultry feeds equipment & their parts. As far as our feed line motor is concerned, we offer countless types & sizes of feed line motors. The feed line hopper top, feed line hopper bottom and feed line motor are the most demanding motors in the market. These motors are made from the best quality material & work for a long time period. We have a complete line of poultry feed line motors. The feed line motors prices are truly affordable for everyone. Do you need equipment, parts and motor any size for your poultry feeding system or broiler breeder management? Are you looking for the best supplier and installer of poultry feed equipment and their parts? You do not need to go here & there, just visit our online poultry store & explore the different types and sizes of feed line motors and place your order. Vision intellect makes sure that you will get your product at your door step. If you need any assistance regarding the maintenance of poultry feeding system, broiler breeder management system, need any feed line motor and their parts, call us today & contact us at Our responsive staff will contact you very soon & help you to get your poultry feeder system in running condition.


Get the best quality broiler breeder management system at cheap rate

Vision intellect offers effective and efficient broiler breeder management system at the cheapest rate. For secure production of hatching eggs our broiler breeder management system is the ideal choice for every size poultry farm owner. Our poultry feeding systems are made from the best quality material and offer provide all equipment needed for broiling. Our feeding system offer optimum feeding & drinking system. By installing this system, you can not only feed and drink the right proportion of feed and drink to broiler but also provide and ideal clean nest. If you need any kind of chicken breeding pen size or any other equipment you can contact us, we make sure that we will provide you the best quality poultry feed equipment and their parts at the affordable prices.

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