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Feed Pan 14 Grill

The best quality feeder pan for poultry feeding & drinking

The new innovation in poultry feeding system has totally changed the way of feeding and drinking at poultry farm houses. These feed pan 14 grill system is the important part of automatic poultry feeding system. The feed pan 14 grill system is made of the best quality & anti corrosion material. The feeder pan for broilers make sure the availability of feed for chicken all the time. It is designed to retain lip of chicken in feed pan so that feed wastage can control at the highest efficiency level. Do you have a plan to change your conventional & manual poultry feeding system with fully automatic poultry feeding system? Are you in search of the best supplier & installer of classic feeder pan in Lahore? You do not need to worry more. Contact to vision intellect enterprise.


Features of classic feeder pan 14 grill system

ü  The feeder pan is made of first quality raw material

ü  For better feeding the wide range of designs, shapes and types of pan is available

ü  Fully automatic & very easy to control

ü  At farms house allows equal distribution of feed

ü  A better feed conversion

ü  It researched base design retains the lip of broilers & layers inside tray so that feed waste can be controlled

ü  Perfect & smooth cycle delivery of poultry feed

ü  Adjustable feeder pan for broilers

ü  Feed pan 14 grill system prices in market is affordable

ü  24/7 Live installation & maintenance support services

Vision intellectual enterprises is one of the most experience & trusted supplier & installer of feeder pan for broilers & layers. Our feed pan comes in different shapes, sizes, types and brands. We only supply the best quality & reliable Feed Pan Grill prices in Pakistan market. The company believes in customer satisfaction & therefore offers custom designed & solution for automatic feeding system in Pakistan.



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