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Temp R Tron

(With Humidity Sensor)

Temp R Tron is the most precise climate controller. The accurate temperature can get 0.5 degree Celsius.

  • 12 Temperature Stages

  • 1 Stage for Heater Control

  • 2 Stages for Cooling Control (with on/off Timer)

  • 1 Stage for Day Length Light Control

  • 1 Stage for Alarm (High Temperature / High Humidity) (Low Temperature / Low Humidity)

  • 1 Sensor for Humidity

  • 2 Sensor for Temperature

  • 3 Display for Temperature & Humidity

  • Upgradeable for Computer Networking


Buy Temp R Tron to controller system for poultry farm house.

Vision intellect is the leading supplier and installer of different type of temp R tron controller for poultry farm houses. The temperature controller system for poultry holds ability to control inside temperature and humidity level of poultry sheds. Fully automatic, amazing designs and easy to use on or off buttons make this device ideal for every farm owner. Waterproof casing safe temp R tron device from any humidity and dust. To control equipment the on and off button is installed at prominent position. The whole system has ability to save data in case of cut off the electricity. You can reset or recalibrate temperature and humidity level according to your desired.


Features of poultry Temp R tron devices

ü  12 temperature stages

ü  Automatic heater controller

ü  2 stages for temperature control

ü  Humidity controller

ü  Display bar for temperature and humidity

ü  Affordable prices


where to buy remote controller system in poultry use?

Do you have a plan to upgrade your conventional poultry internal temperature & humidity control system? Are you in search of the best & fully automatic temperature controller system for poultry farm houses? You do no need to worry about it. Contact to vision intellect. We offer temp R tron controller for poultry farm houses. We have a large collection of temp R Tron devices that are being sold at the cheap rate for many years. It is most precise climate controller.

For perfect growth of broilers and layers there is always need to maintain recommended level of temperature & humidity inside poultry sheds. There are several companies that are offering different brand for temperature & humidity controllers. Now question rise where to buy remote controller system in poultry use, we suggest you to contact vision intellect. For further detail, please contact at  

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