Product Details

Lux Meter

Display: 8mm LCD display

Measurements: Anemometer, Humidity, Temperature, Light

Operating Humidity: Max. 80% RH

Operating Temperature: 0-50 °C (32-122° F)

Over Input Display: Indication of “-----”

Power Supply: 006P DC 9V battery (Heavy duty type)

Power Consumption: Approx. DC 6.2 mA

Weight: HWD 156x60x33 mm (6.14x2.36x1.29 inch)

Standard Accessory: Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories: Carrying Case. Temperature Probe


Get the best quality poultry Lux Meter at the cheap rate

Vision intellect is a leading online store for the supply of poultry lux meter for different poultry farm places. You can use poultry lux meter to control humidity, anemometer, temperature and light. These things are necessary for reproduction of broiler and layers. Enough white light helps chicken to move around easily to find food and water. They like to live in high amount of green and blue color lamps light. The breeders need enough white light to avoid floor eggs. At our online store we have a large collection of lux meter. These meter come in different sizes, styles and brands. You can choose the best one that suit your requirement. As far as the prices of lux meter in Pakistan is concerned. This device is the part of our custom controller system for poultry and easily available at low price.


Feature of poultry lux meter

ü  The device display comes in 8mm LCD display

ü  Perfectly control the temperature, light, humidity and wind speed

ü  Operating humidity level is maximum 80% RH

ü  Operating temperature is 0 to 50 degree centigrade or 32-122 Fahrenheit 

ü  Reliable power supply 006P DC 9V battery

ü  Minimum power consumption approximately DC 6.2 mA

ü  Light weight

ü  Other accessories that come with device are carrying case and temperature probe

ü  Guarantee of product

ü  Standard instruction manual to guide user

ü  Prices of lux meter in Pakistan are truly affordable


Reliable and effective environment control poultry system

For the perfect growth of broiler and feeder, internal poultry sheds environment is really matter. The climate plays a crucial rule for success of poultry business. To control humidity, flow of air, temperature of air, speed of air, light and other factors are necessary to maintain at the recommended level. Without controlling these environmental factors, you can grow your business. Vision intellect enterprises offer fully functional, custom designed & automatic environment control poultry system. Our environment custom controller system for poultry comes in different sizes, designs and brands. These systems are equipped with all the latest technology. As far as the prices of these environment control poultry system price is concerned, these are being supplied at the lowest price for many years. To know the more specs of these environment control poultry system, you may contact us at 


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