Product Details

Pellet Mill

Model:    SZLH420

Capacity(t/h):   8 - 10

Power(kw):    90/110

Die Inner Día(mm):    420

Feeder’s Motor(kw):     1.5

Conditioner’s Motor(kw):     5.5




The best quality commercial feed mill equipment


Vision intellect is the leading supplier of commercial feed mill equipment in the market. We have a large collection of commercial feed mill machines or system that are being sold at the affordable prices. As a poultry farm owner, obviously you want to manage your feed supply in perfect & instant way. If you have a plan to install the best commercial feed mill equipment that can process and mixed the poultry feed completely at your poultry form, you need to contact vision intellect. At our online store, you can explore the different CPM pellet mills. Choose the best one that can suit your form requirement and do not insert the extra burden on your budget.


Get CPM Pellet mills installation & maintenance at cheap rate


Vision intellect is the leading brand for the supply, installation & maintenance of CPM Pellet Mills system. We have a large collection of pellet mills designs that are designed to address the feeding requirement for every customer. The custom designed, easy to install and operate CPM Pellet Mills are available in our stock. Contact with our customer support technical staff so that we can serve you with the best CPM pellet Mills machines.


The best system for the poultry feed products distribution


Vision intellect is a leading supplier & installer of poultry feed products distribution machines. Our feed mills are designed to cater the demand for small, medium and large poultry farm owners. We offer a wide provision of feed mill equipment services. We have a team of professional technical staff that understand feed mill definition perfectly & available round the clock to offer the best maintenance services all the time. Our feed mill machinery perfectly distribute & mix poultry feed products as per your given quantity. Do you have a plan to buy feed mills? Are you looking the most efficient & automated poultry feed system? You do not need to worry about it just contact to vision intellect. We have the best offer for you. 

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