Product Details

Pellet Mill

Model:    SZLH572

Capacity(t/h):   10 - 20

Power(kw):    180/200

Die Inner Día(mm):    572

Feeder’s Motor(kw):     2.2

Conditioner’s Motor(kw):     11




countless poultry feed mill design available at our online shop

If you are looking for different types of poultry feed mill design, then you need to contact vision intellect. We are one of the best supplier of chicken feed machinery & process system. We have been working in this field from many years. Over the years of experienced we serve small, medium & large size poultry farm houses with the best quality & fully automatic poultry fed mill design.  You can choose any amazing poultry feed design from our online shop. Chose the best design that suits your style and easily available in your budget.


Animal feed formulation & mixing at the highest accuracy level.

Today, animal feed formulation had totally become research base. To meet the health needs of poultry they do not need the feed they need the best quality & perfectly measured feed at the regular interval. Vision intellect offers different types of poultry feed machines that can mix any kind of animal feed formulation at the highest accuracy level. These poultry feeding machines come in different sizes, bands and capacity. To get the fully automatic feed machines contact us via our email address or visit our display center. We have a team of dedicated & experience technical staff that can advise you about the best features of different brands of poultry feed machines. Contact us today for the best service.


Get the best design & fully automatic chicken layer feed machines         

Vision intellect is the ideal supplier of chicken layer feed machines. They fully automatic control machines are designed to cate the growing feeding demand of chicken. To maintain the best growth of broiler and layer you have to feed them consistently with accuracy. At our display center we have large variety of chicken layer feed system or machinery, visit our display shop and choose the best one that perfectly address all your chicken layer feed requirements.


Control feed prices by installing our custom designed poultry feed system

The feed prices are constantly increasing in the market. Every poultry farm owner wants to control minimize the feed prices. The best way is to mange the feed wastage. This is only possible with the help of our reliable & fully responsive and automatic poultry feeding system. For detail please contact us through our email address. Our friendly and responsive technical support staff works round the clock to serve you with the best solution of your feed wastage.

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