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Hammer Mill


Model Dia of Rotor (mm) Width of Grinding Chamber (mm) Speed of Rotor (r/min) Power (kw) Output(t/h) Screen Hole(mm)
SFSP120x40A 1200 400 2970 55-90 8-20 3MM
SFSP120x50A 1200 500 1480 90-132 15-23 3MM
SFSP120x60A 1200 600 1480 110-160 18-30 3MM
SFSP120x80A 1200 800 1480 160-200 25-35 3MM
SFSP138x40A 1200 400 2970 55-90 8-20 3MM
SFSP138x50A 1200 500 1480 90-132 15-23 3MM
SFSP138x60A 1200 600 1480 110-160 18-30 3MM
SFSP138x80A 1200 800 1480 160-200 25-35 3MM
SFSP138x100A 1200 1000 1480 200-315 30-45 3MM



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Vision intellect is the leading brand for supply, installation and maintenance of different brand of feed pellets. At our online store we have a wide range of feed pellets that can be easily install at your poultry farm house. Our poultry feed machineries are designed by using latest mechanical technology. If you are looking for the best quality & outclass performance of poultry feed machinery, then vision intellect is the ideal choice. Our poultry feed machine is very easy to install and operate at the highest efficiency level. The automatic poultry feeding machine can mix feed in short time period. You can easily feed your chickens without any wastage. Contact us right now to explore more features of our poultry feed machine.


Get maximum level of poultry feed productions


Every poultry farm owner wants to distribute feed at their poultry form at the optimum level. They give preference to those automatic poultry feed machines that can help them perfectly. They need pellet machines that do not only enhance poultry feed productions level at the farm house but also perfectly mix and distribute the feed with the accuracy. Vision intellect can supply any brands of pellet mill for the small, medium and large size poultry farms. We have a large collection of pellet mill that can be delivered at your location in short time period. Visit our online poultry feed machinery store and choose the best one that perfectly cater the demand of your poultry farm and easily available in your limited budget. As far as our feed poultry machine or pelletizer price is concerned, these machines are affordable for every size poultry farm owner.


Get efficient pellet mill along with feed formulation software 


Vision intellect is the best supplier of most modern and versatile poultry feed machines. We maintain a large collection of pellet machines that come with feed formulation software. You just need to install our poultry feed machine and give a command to software about formulation, mixing and distribution of poultry feed. Our fully functional & automatic feed machines will mix the entire feed at the highest efficiency level & distribute all feed in equal quantity. The best feature of our pellet mill or poultry feed machine is its feed formulation software. Contact us to explore the more feature of our machinery.



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