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Hopper Bottom Silos

Hopper Silos are typically used in applications where routine and fast 
clean out is required or just to reduce the energy and labor cost of 
material handing.

  • Different hopper angles can be manufactured according to silo diameter ,
    product type to be stored , naturel conditions of the place where silo is
    desired to be erected and customer demands
  • Bracing system is designed for a maximum support.
  • Uses grade 10.9 bolts and nuts which have JS1000 or Geomet500A coating (rust-free in over 1000 hours of salt spray testing.That is up to 10 times more corrosion resistance) also special insulation material is used for the efficient sealing.
  • High galvanization (SD350GD and 450gr/m2 coating) and perfect quality bolts optain a longer guarantee against puncture by corrosion
  • The stell corrugation and high galvanization reduce the temperaure oscillations inside of the silos and keep the product in better conditions
  • Perfect gradient , so thet , when it rains , the water falls directly to the ground from the body of the silo.
  • Providers aeration systems to meet your grain conditioning needs.




Efficient and Ease to assemble Hopper Silos in Pakistan

We, at Vision Intellect are specialized in the supply & installation of efficient and easy to assemble hopper silos in Pakistan. Most industries require well managed storage system to keep their food products such as grain, maize, feed and others safe and secure for long time. We have the best range of hopper bottom grain storage silo that provides a complete food storage solution at minimal installation cost. We offer unbeatable rate for silos prices in Lahore.


Features of Hopper Bottom Grain Storage Silo System

As a leading supplier and installer of storage containers, Vision Intellect has been exporting the best quality grain and maize storage. Our Hopper Bottom Silo or Grain Storage Silo is specifically designed for grain storage and maize storage. You can always trust us when it comes to supply, installation and after sale services of grain storage tanks.


As a reliable exporter and installer of grain silo, we have become the ideal choice of industry sector. Our silos system is made of the superior quality and robust galvanized steel sheets. The best quality standard tested parts and component are used in the manufacturing and installation of Grain Storage Silo. We never compromise on quality of any products that are used in the hopper bottom silos system.


We supply and install hopper silos in Pakistan. Since the time of Vision intellect launched we have been maintaining the highest standard of silos system or services when it comes to supply and install the grain storage tanks. Our hopper silos system holds a light weight and simple to handle.


Our hopper silos system is the perfect choice where fast clean out is required. It is energy efficient and offers low labor cost for storage material handling.


Custom design & type of hopper bottom silos system are available to cater a specific demand of customers. The bracing system is designed to resist wind and earthquake forces and for maximum support against unvaried weather conditions.


The 10.9 grads and JS1000 or Geomet500 A coating are used in hopper silos system that offers 10 times more corrosion resistance and maintain efficient sealing.


The supreme quality galvanization offers great resistance against corrosion and keep the product in better condition for a long time.


Feel free to approach us for supply, installation and after sale maintenance of Hopper bottom silos. Our each and every hopper silo system is tested for quality, reliability and its individual ability to storage food before supply or installation.


As far as our silo prices in Lahore are concerned, these grain storage prices are truly affordable for everyone. In terms of prices we are unbeatable.


You can contact us any time. Our experts work 24/7 to help & resolve any issue. Let’s talk to our representor to select the best silos system or choose the best time for maintenance of hopper bottom silos that entirely meet all your growing storage needs and requirements.


Get the best quality & high performance Silos in Pakistan & maintenance of hopper silos from vision intellect. Our Hopper Bottom silos system or food storage tanks are the ideal choice to store food items for a long time.

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