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Cooling Pads

Manufactured from virgin quality kraft paper of European origin. High resin content, providing effective and efficient cooling along with greater strength and longevity. 

2m x 6"

2m x 4"

1.8m x 6"

1.8m x 4"

1.5m x 6"

1.5m x 4"

2m x 4" (small holes)

Custom designed and type of poultry cooling pads

Poultry cooling pads are used to control internal temperature of poultry sheds. For perfect growth of broilers and layers you need to provide recommended temperature and humidity level throughout the year. In summer season to drop down inner high temperature of poultry sheds you need to install superior performance home ventilation system for poultry . These cooling pads come in different types, sizes, designs & capacity. Do you have a plan to install the heat recovery ventilator for poultry? Are you in search of the best poultry cooling pads supplier and installer? If you are looking for then you do not need to worry about it. Several online companies are working in the market that are offering custom designed home ventilation system for poultry. Choose the best one supplier that offers the best deal of poultry cooling pads prices.

Vision intellect enterprise is one of the best poultry cooling pads supplier & installer. We have been selling different brands of heat recovery ventilator for poultry for many years. During these time periods we supplied and installed thousands of home ventilation system for poultry farm houses. Now we have become the first choice of heat recovery ventilator for poultry. We offer the best poultry cooling pads prices in market. For detail, please explore the wide range of poultry cooling pads at our online selling store. We make sure that you will get the best price of your heat recovery ventilator for poultry.


Features of poultry cooling pads

ü  Superior quality poultry cooling pads

ü  Come in different sizes, designs, shapes & capacity

ü  Custom designed ventilation system for poultry farm houses

ü  Reliable and fully automatic heat exchanger system

ü  Easy to install and control

ü  Affordable cooling pads prices

ü  Installation and maintenance services

These are main features of our cooling pads system that cannot be ignored at any level. Vision intellect enterprises are the ideal choice for supply & installation of cooling pads for any size poultry farm house. We offer the best rate for poultry cooling pads prices. For further detail, please contact at right now.    

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